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Diagnomatic by Pro-Project.

Established in 2007, Diagnomatic is recognized as a leader in manufacturer of tissue-equivalent phantoms and simulators for medical imaging, radiation therapy, and procedural training. Utilizing proprietary technology, Diagnomatic is capable of manufacturing phantoms for every imaging modality. Applications include OEM production quality control, service, R&D and pre-clinic trials.  Unique Cloud-Based Analytics where Phantom Imaging Data from multiple devices confirm the correct operating parameters. The company also provides custom design and manufacturing services. Diagnomatic’s HQ is in Poland and it distributes its products and services worldwide.

Computed Tomography Phantom

MODEL 04-410

complies with:

- IEC 61223-3-5

- IEC 61223-2-6

- AAPM guidelines

- ACR guidelines

- 21CFR 1020.33 specifications

CE certified

Magnetic Resonance Imaging phantom

MODEL 09-101

Features: Complies with

- ACR MRI Accreditation Program

- - IPEM Report 80 “Quality Control in MRI”, 1998

- AAPM Rep. 28 “Quality Assurance methods & phantoms for MRI”, 1990

- AAPM Rep. 34 “Acceptance testing of MRI systems”, 1992

- AAPM Rep. 100 “Acceptance & Quality Assurance procedures
for MRI facilities”, 2010

CE certified