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DESIGN APPROACH: Simplified design for precise artefact detection

DYNAMIC STEP WEDGE: 7 Steps; thickness 0 – 2.3 mm

SIGNAL NORMALISATION: Homogeneous area in the phantom center, 10 x 10 cm

HIGH-CONTRAST RESOLUTION: Line Pair Bar Pattern (Type 38 / Pb 0.05 mm / 45°)

LOW-CONTRAST RESOLUTION: 6 Test objects (Aluminium discs; 0.1 – 0.7 mm)

X-RAY FIELD ALIGNMENT: Field size markings for all major fields-of-view

CENTER: cross-marker, also visible when QUART ZTB beam alignment tool is in use

VERTICAL POSITIONING: Wire mount system available for tests of wall-mounted units

SIZE: 330 x 330 x 10 mm (L x W x H)


Internal Filtration: 1.5 mm standard compliant copper filtration, 17 mm PMMA as tissue simulation

Dynamic Step Wedge: 17 Steps; thickness 0 – 3.5 mm

Low-Contrast Resolution: 8 Test objects (Aluminium; 0.4 – 4 mm; Ø 15 mm), 17 Additional test objects; 1 object per step (Ø 4 mm)

High-Contrast Resolution: Line pair bar pattern (Type 38 / Pb 0.05 mm / 45°)

kV Stability: Unique kV test object (Yb + Pb)

X-RAY Field Alignment: Field size markings

Center: Radio-opaque center marker

Signal Normalisation: Homogeneous area in phantom center

Vertical Positioning: Wire mount system available for tests of wall-mounted units

Size: 200 x 200 x 18.5 mm (L x W x H)

Large Fields: Extension available to provide a homogeneous surface and field markings for formats up to 33 cm x 33 cm